Yukishiro salt is the most mineral-rich salt in the world, containing 18 different minerals! It is Extremely rare and  one of the most unusual natural salts in the world from the small Pacific island of Mijakojima.

This unique "powder salt" looks like snow and taste is very complex and mild.

This unique YUKISHIRO fine salt looks like snow and tastes very complex and mild.

This fine salt is perfect for fine dining and desserts . Its sweetness is perhaps too light for dishes calling for a pronounced salty taste, but can bring a deep flavor to foods. This salt can also be used in the production of "saline water", consumed by some people for its health benefits.


✓ Unprocessed 

✓ Fine sea salt from Japan

✓ No added flavour enhancers

✓ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.  


For fine dining and desserts.

Produced in Japan

40 gr/ 1.41 oz jar

SKU: 55_yukishirojar