This pepper is very different from other spices due to its extraordinarily fine chocolate note, which is probably unique. It starts off with a fruity taste then transforms into a blazing heat, when it comes to hot peppers, ours is blowing heads off with its heat.

Pounded, ground or cooked whole, the Chocolate pepper harmonizes perfectly with game dishes, vegetables, desserts or in dishes with fruits. This dynamic pepper will give your recipes a broader peppery hit than they have ever had, and look fantastic ground freshly atop any recipe. Simply add in controlled quantities.  

Earthy, chocolate brown color

Made from authentic and premium grade materials

Flavor: scented with cocoa and chocolate, slightly spicy

Country of origin: India

SKU: 99_chocolatejar
Key Benefits

Pepper with a extraordinarily fine chocolate note, which is probably unique.

Scented with cocoa and chocolate, slightly spicy.

The Chocolate pepper is and ideal match with meat, vegetables, desserts and dishes with fruits. It can be crushed, cooked whole, or mortared.

35gr/1.24 oz glass jar


See erineb teistest vürtsidest oma erakordselt peene šokolaadiaroomi poolest, mis on ilmselt ainulaadne.

Šokolaadipipar sobib suurepäraselt  köögivilja-, magustoidu- või puuviljaroogadega. Samuti sobiv tumeda lihaga.

Maitseomadustelt kergelt vürtsikas.

Päritolumaa: India

Šokolaadipipar on saadaval 35 gr/ 1.24 oz klaasist purgis.