HAVSNO SEASALT - the snow of the sea.

Are you in search of a unique salt? Want to salt things up a little differently? You’re at the right place. This is an Extraordinary Fresh, crisp Flaky Sea Salt from the depths of the clean and cold Atlantic waters.

It is the mineral content of the cold and clean seawater that makes HAVSNO coarse white flakes flat and soft with a light crunchy feeling.

This havsno coarse salt looks and tastes amazing with a mild Sodium Flavour. It is Perfect for everything you can season with salt, from beef, chicken, pork, fish & seafood. Sprinkle on fresh baked bread, fresh sliced avocados or guacamole, eggs, grilled or roasted veggies or potatoes, or to rim a cocktail. 

✓ Unprocessed 

✓ Produced in Norway

✓ No added flavour enhancers

✓ All natural 100% sea salt.

Havsno salt is available in 100g/3.53oz glass jar

SKU: 52_havsnojar