Long pepper is a climbing plant whose fruits resemble willow or birch kittens.

The cultivation area of this pepper covers the entire Southeast Asian region from Indonesia to India. Our long red pepper comes from the regions Kampot and Takeo in Cambodia. Harvesting this pepper is very difficult. Only when the fruit has reached the optimum degree of ripeness, intense sunshine and high temperatures prevail at the time of harvest, so that the harvested fruits can dry well, the red colour of the long pepper can be maintained. All the fruits used for this pepper have to be selected by hand, thus making it a very rare and precious pepper. 

Historically, the Europeans used Long pepper long before the black pepper used today, but was completely forgotten over the centuries. In recent years, the popularity of this fantastic pepper has been growing rapidly.

The long pepper has a richer and longer lasting aroma than many of commercially available peppers. It has a fruity-sweet smell, a little reminiscent of cinnamon, earthy pungency. Red Long pepper can be cooked whole, e.g. in stews and soups, as well as mortared. It is only conditionally suitable for the pepper mill.

Produced in Cambodia.


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Key Benefits

The fruity-sweet smell, a little reminiscent of cinnamon.

We recommend using Red Long pepper in soups and stews.

40gr / 1.41oz jar

Pika pipra aroom on palju rikkalikum kui tavalisel pipral.

Puuviljane-magus lõhn, pisut ka kaneelilõhna.

Iga piprakaun valitakse käsitsi, mis muudab selle pipra nii hinnaliseks.

Parima maitseelamuse saamiseks purusta uhmris või sõrmede vahel.

Päritolumaa: Kamboodža

Red long pipar on saadaval 40 gr/ 1.41 oz klaasist purgis.