If you bring highly aromatic peppers from the best growing areas to an experienced smoking master, the result promises truly great taste sensations. Banasura pepper is excellent in combination with red meat, steaks, and burgers. You get the most of the aromas by adding the pepper to the dish at the last minute, and preferably only slightly cooking it. Country of origin: India

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Key Benefits

Freshly ground, distinctive beech smoke flavors mix with the aromas of the finest pepper specialities

Spicy hotness with an intense smoky flavor

Smoked Banasura pepper is available in 50g/1.76oz glass jar

Kogenud suitsutamismeistrid on Banasura piprast teinud tõelise maitseelamuse.

Suitsutatud Banasura pipar on parim punase liha ja burgeritega.

Parima aroomi ja  maitseelamuse jaoks jahvatage pipar vahetult enne söömist ja kui toitu praete või keedate siis lisage vahetult enne valmimist.

Päritolumaa: India

Smoked banasura pipar on saadaval 50 gr/ 1.76 oz klaasist purgis.