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One very fascinating pepper from South East Asia, it exudes a fragrant lemon aroma which is delicate and fresh. When we say this is lemon pepper, we really do mean its lemon pepper, as soon as you open the bag the aroma of strong lemon comes fills the air and your nostrils

While remaining pungent in taste, it has a bitter and citrusy after taste.


You don’t need to be a master chef to cook great meals, top chefs cook with the best ingredients and this is one of them. Its taste is unique and pairs deliciously with many different dishes like seafood, meat and Asian dishes.  Get ready to delight your taste-buds with perfect pepper seasoning.


✓ Warm, woody note and full-bodied with a subtle spiciness.

Flavour: Citrus


Country of origin: Vietnam

Verbena pepper is available 35 gr / 1.23 oz glass jar.