Use this blend of pepper, spices, whiskey flavor on steak, salmon, and chicken. Turns a prime rib into a restaurant-quality meal at home!

Whiskey pepper is uniquely created when the black Malabar pepper is combined with whiskey.

We recommend this pepper for gourmet chefs, as this is quite a difficult pepper to suit with many dishes but when found a perfect match, this pepper can really enhance the taste.

Produced in India/Germany

SKU: 80whiskey
Key Benefits

As the whiskey calms down the pepper, it adds smoothness and sweetness to it, a gentle and delicate peppery feel and a distinctive and outstanding whiskey flavor make Whiskey pepper so unique.

This pepper enhances the flavors of your steak, salmon, and chicken with a blend of pepper, spices, and whiskey.

This Whiskey pepper makes an ideal gift for chefs who love to experiment with different flavors.

45g / 1.58oz jar

Seda mixi piprast, vürtsidest ja viski maitseainest on parim kasutada just liha, lõhe ja kanaga. See pipar teeb tavalisest lihatükist restoraniväärilise roa sinu kodulaual!

Päritolumaa: India/Saksamaa

Viski pipar on saadaval 45gr/ 1.59oz klaasist purgis.