Bird eye chilli packs quite a lot of heat and should not be underestimated by their size as they are extremely pungent and very, very hot! Measuring 50,000-100,000 units on the Scoville heat scale. The sharpness is intense and direct, and the taste is similar to Thai chili and are irreplaceable in Thai cuisine.You’re going to love this!

Common in many cuisines, bird eye chili peppers are used to add heat and flavor. Ideal for marinades or sauces that are to be accompanied by fish or chicken, and of course soups. It is perfect for the dining as a condiment with a fiery kick

All in all the bird's eye chilli is one of the most different looking and divine chilli varieties, you can get. We can promise you, that you will love it.

✓ Grown from controlled ecological cultivation.

✓ No Artificial Preservatives or Colours

✓ SHU (Scoville heat unit) – 100.000


Country of origin: Uganda

Organic Birdeye Chili is available 18 gr / 0.63 oz glass jar.


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