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5 reasons to honor and value gourmet salts:

Piret Ilver

Technique and ingredients - these are two of the most important things whilst cooking. Both of them are equally essential, so when one of them is unbalanced, the other won’t fill its value. Trends and traditions of food making might change, but the importance of technique and ingredients will always stay. A great cook takes the best ingredients and flowingly makes it into a delicious dish all thanks to the technique. But what importance does salt have? It seems to be the most boring and common ingredient but still exists on our table on an everyday basis.

There are many things we eat, such as animals, plants, fungi, and bacteria but the only mineral that we consume is salt. One of the most important features of salt is that it can fix the taste of other ingredients but it can also enhance the flavor. It is quite fair to say that salt is probably the only thing that we can always rely on in our kitchen. We’ve used salt in our food from the very beginning of times and still almost every dish requires it. If we can leave behind the boring and dull table salt and let ourselves discover gourmet salts, a door to a completely different world of tastes will open. Gourmet salts can enrich our dishes, excite our sense of taste but also get a whole different look to everyday dishes.

5 reasons to honor and value gourmet salts

5 reasons to honor and value gourmet salts:

  1. We are used to putting salt into our food but with the regular table salt, it is very easy to over salt our dishes and whilst doing that, kill many tastes. The value of gourmet salts is incomparable to regular salts.
  2. Different gourmet salts are made for different use. Some are made for meat, some for plants and some for seafood. Using gourmet salts while cooking gives a great variety of ways to bring out the best taste of the ingredients.
  3. Whilst learning how to use gourmet salts, you will also learn new cooking techniques and see how different ingredients work with different techniques. You will discover new tastes, ones you could never even dream of!
  4. There is almost no risk, but the results may be mind-blowing! It doesn’t matter how pricy salt you happen to cook with, it still probably ends up to be the cheapest amongst your other ingredients.
  5. Once you’ve discovered gourmet salts, there is no way that you would want to go back to professed and fabricated salts. Gourmet salts are on a completely different level and when starting to use them, there is no way back.

From our page, you can find information about different gourmet salts. We hope to inspire our readers to make bold moves and try new things whilst cooking. Trying different salts from different places all around the world will open new taste senses, but also will expand your overall knowledge about cooking.

The most important ingredient in your kitchen is salt. It changes your dishes drastically. There are no two salts that are the same, every salt has its own purpose and value. It is influenced by the age, origin, cultivation, and usage of the salt. There are many things in our kitchen that aren’t healthy for us to eat. When understanding where and how do the cheap table and sea salt make its way onto our tables, there is no wish to ever see and eat those again. Fabricated salt will never be on the same level with gourmet salts. Also when consuming and buying gourmet salts, you give your contribution to supporting companies who try to preserve our world, ecologically and culturally. Salt isn’t bad for you, on the contrary, when using the right amount of the right salt, it is only good for you.

It is easy to fall in love with the world of gourmet salts - take a peek and you’ll start to value and honor ‘the most boring ingredient in your kitchen’. Welcome to the world of gourmet salts!

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