AFRICAN SALT pearls  – “Once tasted, never forgotten”

African Salt pearl- real gem in the kitchen. This unique South African sea salt is a revelation, with its distinct mineral taste and a roundness of flavor.  African Salt pearls  - the special salt that comes from the deepest, coldest waters in the world. Salt pearls are harvested along a tiny beach on the coast of Namib. It borders the oldest desert in the world. The Namib desert, which consists of all of Namibia's 1600 km coastline. The largely untouched landscapes are home to a unique wilderness.  

Extreme heat and other conditions create Salt pearls which form their smooth, round shape naturally. They tumble on the water's edge in a variety of different sizes. It's an absolutely gorgeous sea salt, with its pearl shape different from any other salt in the world!  When tasted, the crystals slightly prick the tongue and then dissolve, leaving a flavor  as sweet as it is salty – a mysterious and marvellous sensation. 

It is an essential ingredient used by our most informed and well-known chefs, dusted over a dish at the last minute so that the diner will have the pleasure of the slight crackle and then the delicious melting. This salt for sure will be the 'cherry on top' of any fish and meat dish in your kitchen! Oyster and seafood lover's blog blog recommend it! 

Visual beauty matters. The larger beads are a wonderful addition to the salt mill.  Salt pearls are  sophisticated alternative to the usual coarse sea salt. 

Special features: naturally shaped salt beads.

Taste: Mild salty

Dishes: salt mill for all occasions.

Produced in South Africa.

90g/3.17oz jar

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