Crystal Pink Coarse - Himalayan Pink salt

This is a flavourful salt mined directly from the Himalaya Mountains.

Crystal Pink is a delicious salt, and is particularly popular as a seasoning for most recipes, as well as being an attractive table salt. Potassium, magnesium and calcium give the salt its light beautiful pink color. It is probably one of the oldest sources of food that you can still eat! 

Ideal for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables. 

No additives, no separating agents, no refining, no bleaching. All natural!

Produced in Pakistan.

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Key Benefits

The clean crystals are Gourmet Food Grade and the highest quality Himalayan salt available.

Crystal Pink is a delicious salt and is particularly popular as a seasoning for most recipes, as well as being attractive table salt. It works wonders for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables.

100g jar / 3.53oz


 How to use pink coarse salt in cooking

Just like normal salt, you can use pink salt to season sauces and marinades alongside some coarse fresh ground black pepper. Another good tip is to season the meat before cooking, pressing the crystals into the surface to ensure a deep seasoning before it hits the pan.

Aside from that, pink salt offers the chance to create a Himalayan salt block. They conduct heat well, at high temperatures too, allowing you to bake anything from meat to eggs, to fresh fruit and pizzas.

Why pink coarse and fine salt on Keto Diet is used

You’ll often see pink salt included when reading up on the dos and don’ts of the Keto diet. By and large, this is because it is filled with important minerals ranging from calcium and potassium and is less refined when compared to white salt. Crucially, it keeps your sodium levels up, avoiding flu-like symptoms and muscle cramps while on the relatively strict diet.

Alongside a healthy and balanced diet, there is thought to be a benefit in using pink salt for weight loss. The World Journal of Pharmaceutical Research have previously claimed that pink salt contains up to 84 of the 94 trace minerals needed by the body, helping form a healthier lifestyle.


Which is better, pink salt or white salt? Is pink salt healthy?

Pink salt might be a touch more expensive but does offer much more in the way of versatility. White salt is worth having in the cupboard or pantry, pink salt is what you should spend your money on. It also lacks anti-caking agents, giving rise to claims that it’s healthier than common table salt. But there’s no scientific basis for these claimed health benefits.

Simple Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub Recipe

I only have a few minutes in the morning to take care of breakfast, get dressed and make it to work on time. It’s also been chilly outside lately, so my skin has needed an extra dose of hydration because it’s so dry. I managed to find this absolutely amazing scrub recipe that takes less than 5 minutes a day while simultaneously giving me soft, glowing skin.

Things you need:

– 1/2 cup of coarse pink salt

– 1/2 cup of coconut oil

– 3-4 drops of your favorite essential oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl until you form a nice paste. Cleanse your skin and apply the scrub in circular motions for a minute or two to exfoliate your skin well. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. You’ll be moisturized and glowing!