Smoked salt flakes - Let your imagination roam

A smoked sea salt that conjures up images of Vikings and invites the cook to experiment! The sea salt is smoked gradually over an open fire comprised of mainly beech wood. The salt has a strong bonfire-like aroma and a natural smoky taste. A favorite amongst vegetarians as this salt is excellent on vegetables (and as a replacement for bacon crumbles). It is delicious when sprinkled generously over meat about to be thrown on the BBQ.

We recommend experimenting with this very special salt, as the smoky flavor can suit many surprising dishes! We have even tried it on cocoa and other desserts - something every chef has to try out!

Produced in Denmark

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Key Benefits

The salt has a strong bonfire-like aroma and a natural smoky taste.

Can be used in sauces, garnishes, on potatoes and pasta, as a dry rub for meats.

Smoked salt is cold smoked with untreated wood, so no artificial flavors.  

45g / 1.59oz jar

Smoked Salt: The Uses

The charm of our smoked salt product is that it can be used in so many different ways. Gone are the days of a carton of table salt sitting in your pantry, only used when you’re looking to season a quick weeknight dinner, pouring too much into your hand, and worrying if you’ve ruined the dish.

Oh no, salt has changed. Smoked salt packs a punch, and even just a sprinkle can add something unique to whatever it is you choose to add it to. With so many products available, your tastebuds will experience a whole new world, and some of the staple dishes you have cooked your whole life will take on an added zing.

New to Smoked Salt?

Given the vast array of choices available, the world of smoked salt can certainly be a daunting one to wrap your head around. Indeed, the intricacies of it all can sometimes look confusing.

So then, what’s important to remember is the fact that ALL of our products are cold smoked with untreated wood, meaning you don’t EVER have to worry about artificial flavors being used.

Another key thing to keep in mind is the fact that smoked salt is really going to excite you. When you first open your product, the smell is going to be intense, and, without a doubt, you’ll be eager to try it on pretty much everything.

Sure, go ahead, but remember that this is still salt. As delicious and exciting as some of the tones are, you still risk ruining your dish, so be careful when introducing it into your life.

Just a little smoked salt goes a long way.

Dry Rub For Meats

If you’re looking into smoked salt, we’re going to guess you’re a pretty good cook. With that in mind, you’ll be no stranger to dry rubbing meats before cooking, looking to get every ounce of flavor out of it before doing what you do best.

Well then, smoked salts are likely to be your best friend. Whether you’ve got a tuna steak or a dry-aged slab of beef, rubbing them in all kinds of smoked salt will deepen the flavor and give a crust so delicious, your guests will think you’ve snuck a professional into the kitchen!

By locking in the flavor and helping draw out moisture, your dishes will sear far better in the pan and really give you an amazing-looking end product.

As the savory to your sweet

A smoked, salted caramel cheesecake is the dessert of dreams. With the flakes being slightly more coarse than your run-of-the-mill table salt, they pop up throughout sweet dishes as flavorful rocks, really dancing across your tongue.

Even whisked into ice cream will have you thinking you’re sat somewhere on the Amalfi coast, offering a sharp reminder of the salt of the earth nature of cooking while the creamy sweetness of the ice cream wraps around the rocks, giving you the dessert you no doubt deserve.

In Sauces and Garnishes

Before reading this article, you might have been under the impression that corn on the cob literally couldn’t get any better. Well, have you ever tried to mix smoked salt into the butter before painting such beauty onto corn?

That’s precisely the kind of thing we’re talking about when it comes to smoked salt. Little details are elevated into something new, adding a fresh touch to old classics.

If you’re looking for a more intense BBQ sauce, you’ve got to use this.

On Potatoes and Pasta

Do you think sweet potatoes can’t get any better? Well, you’re wrong.

Mash some of these flakes into them before you bake away and, wow, you’ve discovered a whole new world. As they bake, the salt should help crisp things up, taking out some of the moisture and locking in its smokey flavor.

Pasta-wise, there’s nothing like sprinkling some of these onto your stands of angelic spaghetti. Or crumbled over a Mac & Cheese. Hey, even try boiling your pasta in water generously salted with our smoked brands.


For Breakfast

Eggs benedict is the perfect way to start the day, right? Well, yes, but when you add smoked salt into the equation, then you’re really stumbling across something reserved for kings and queens of yesteryear.

The smokiness is calm yet an intense way to kick your day off and the same goes for sprinkling across an avocado. That creaminess is perfectly balanced with the rocks of smoked salt, making your breakfast or brunch so much interesting.

Pretty much any breakfast is elevated by these flakes of smoked salt and, not long after trying, you’ll be needing them as much as your morning coffee!

For Cocktails

Now we’re talking.

A bloody mary needs salt, right? Well, kind of.

A bloody mary needs smoked salt. There’s nothing quite like getting your day out sorted with a cocktail with flakes of smoked salt garnishing in, giving your mouth a warm blanket from which to usher that drink down!

Even with margaritas, smoked salt works perfectly. The taste of a well-earned vacation, treat yourself with investing in these products to take your cocktail game to the next level. You know you deserve it.