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The rare Banasura pepper is the top of the bill from the Malabar coast. It is grown in the valley of Wayanad in the Indian Western Ghats. Banasura pepper is a flavourful and fiery pepper, thanks to the exceptional size of the berry.

We recommend combining the Banasura pepper n with red meat, steaks, and burgers. Like all peppers, it is strongly advised to buy dried berries and grind them yourself shortly before eating. You get the most of the aromas by adding the pepper to the dish at the very last minute and preferably only slightly cooking it.

When kept in a dry, dark, and fairly cool place, it will maintain its aroma for two years. The expiry date on the package is an indication. Once the pepper is ground, it will retain its flavour approximately three months, degrading rapidly thereafter.

Country of origin: India