These pink peach-colored salt flakes are made from the salt crystals of the Punjab mountains under the influence of the sun and wind.

100% natural and without additives salt flakes, which have a mild taste and best suites for salads and fish dishes.

Crush the crumbs of salt flakes between your fingers and season your dish exactly as needed.

Produced in Pakistan
100% rocksalt

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Key Benefits

Pink salt is conceptually similar to table salt plus mineral impurities.

The pink salt flakes - they are really crusty and salty. Try sprinkling it on your salads or pizza morning eggs! 

Has a mild taste and suites best for salads and fish dishes.

50gr / 1.76oz jar

Pink Salt from Himalayas

Common Name: Pink Himalayan Salt Scientific Name: Pink Halite or Mineral Halite
Other Names: Crystal Pink Salt, Pink Salt, Himalayan Salt, Pink Rock Salt, Himalayan Crystal Salt

Can pink salt expire or can pink salt go bad?

No. Pink salt is completely natural with no added preservatives or chemicals, meaning there is no expiration date. Indeed, it’s been present for millions of years without being spoiled and naturally forms in crystals, ensuring that it will stay fresh forever. A beautiful gift from Mother Nature.

Given there’s no expiration date, it’s incredibly easy to ensure your pink salt is never spoilt. Moisture is perhaps the only danger to it. Given salt naturally absorbs moisture, it can be contaminated when wet, so simply store in an airtight plastic container to avoid any such danger. As long as salt is kept dry, there will be no problems.

When to use Pink Himalayan Salt

There are a number of different ways. Obviously, you can use Pink Himalayan Pink Salt in everyday cooking as you would table or kosher salt but the crystalised nature of it offer much more in the way of flexibility. Whether you’re seasoning meals, adding to cocktails or even pouring into the bathtub for a relaxing muscle soak, the world of Himalayan Pink Salt is much more diverse than your regular kind.

We have in our Salt’sUp salt shop a different variety of pink salt. At first, most people want the fine pink salt, you can use it to replace table salt. Then they move on to the coarse pink salt, it’s useful for grilling, cooking, and when making marinades.

Personally, my favourite is the pink salt flakes — they’re really crusty and salty. Try sprinkling it on your salads or pizza morning eggs!