FLOR DE SAL coarse salt

Flor de Sal translates into "the flower of salt" in Spanish and Portuguese, in French, it is known as Fleur de Sel.

Considered the "caviar of salts", Flor de Sal is harvested by hand in Algarve, Portugal. The salt crystallizes into a fine layer that looks like a flower on top of the salt pans. The delicious crystals can only form on hot, sunny days when there is no wind. Due to its dependence on the weather, this salt is produced in very minimal and small quantities. 

Flor de Sal is harvested naturally from the seawater and is not refined, this gives it a more complex mineral intricacy than of regular table salt. In addition, this salt has a way bigger amount of moisture than regular table salt. 

Chefs around the world consider this is the best finishing salt available – sprinkle a little over a meal before eating. Flor de Sal Is not used in the process of cooking, instead, it is added just before serving to bring out the best flavors from the dish. 

We recommend using it to boost the flavors of eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, caramel, and chocolate. 

Produced in Portugal.

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