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SMOKED SALT coarse – Let your imagination roam

A smoked sea salt that conjures up images of Vikings and invites the cook to experiment! The sea salt is smoked gradually over an open fire comprised of mainly beech wood. The salt has a strong bonfire-like aroma and a natural smoky taste. A favorite amongst vegetarians as this salt is excellent on vegetables (and as a replacement for bacon crumbles). It is delicious when sprinkled generously over meat about to be thrown on the BBQ. 

We recommend experimenting with this very special salt, as the smoky flavor can suit many surprising dishes! We have even tried it on cocoa and other desserts - something every chef has to try out! 

 Produced in Denmark

95g/3.35oz jar


GUERANDE coarse salt

Guerande coarse salt is an unrefined natural salt enriched with elements, especially magnesium. 

It is harvested by hand in France and celebrated in kitchens throughout the world. Excellent as a finishing and table salt. It is a rather moist salt, so it does not dry out the food while seasoning, and in addition, it is denser than regular table salt, so less amount of it has to be used to bring out the best flavors in the dishes. 

The grey color of Guerande salt comes from the rain lightly disturbing the clay at the bottom of the salt ponds from which the salt is harvested. 

Guerande salt is very rich in minerals but has a lower level of sodium than regular salt. Guerande enhances all recipes and is particularly good with seafood, steak, or anything else you can find in a French kitchen. 

Produced in France.
90g/3.17oz jar