This is truly a unique chilli flake! This Isot Chili or also called isot pepper is surprising for its gentle heat, fruity taste and its chocolate undertones. It is a Wonderful fermented chilli from the Turkish town of Urfa. The spice is made from paprika peppers, which are slow dried in an oven.  Drying process is unique, this "Sweating" method of sun-drying creates the long lasting taste and dark color of <isot chili. 

Great tasting foods need great spices, this Isot chilli is perfect in stews, risottos, meat dishes and roasted aubergines. Not only that, it makes a wonderful garnish and is eye-catching when sprinkled on food. Isot chilli can replace black pepper in food. We also love Isot Chili fried in a little butter and drizzled over breakfast eggs.

✓ Flavour: warm, rounded, smoky spice

✓ SHU (Scoville heat unit) – 35.000

✓ No added flavour enhancers

✓ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.  

✓ SHU (Scoville heat unit) – 35.000

Country of origin: Turkey

Isot Chilli is available 45 gr / 1.59 oz glass jar.


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