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Malabar Green pepper

This green pepper comes from the mountainous, densely forested hinterland of the Malabar Coast in Kerala in southwestern India. It is grown by small farmers producer groups in early November to mid-January immature harvested by hand, and gently dried. Green pepper is in the region only since the late 20th Century and produced mostly in salt or pickle. However, this distorts the delicate flavour of green pepper.

Malabar green pepper has a fresh flavour and a pleasant sharpness. We recommend using it together with pork, chicken, seafood, fish or veal. In a real French pepper sauce it is a must.

We also suggest trying our Malabar pepper on top of fresh strawberries or a ripe mango - a truly exceptional taste experience.

Country of origin: India

Malabar Green pepper is available in 60 gr I 2.12 oz