MURRAY RIVER salt flakes

Salt from the magical Australian Murray River basin. Peach-colored flake salt. The salt contains calcium and magnesium and has a relatively mild taste. This delicious salt smoothly highlights the flavors of any meal. Perfect for sprinkling over pasta, fish, or any other delicious kitchen concoction. A truly wonderful salt for all meals. It has a very seductive and gentle lingering ‘fizz’.

  • 100% Natural and Organically Harvested from the magical Australian Murray River basin salt of the highest quality! Over 60+ essential trace minerals comprise this delicious and healthy sea salt. Ignore popular misinformed media. Murray River Flakes is excellent for overall health and does not cause health problems, especially when cooking at home and not eating the processed refined stuff found in junk food!
  • Professional Quality Chef Salt with Pure, Clean, Amazing Flavor, and Nutrition! Flake Salt crystals are pyramid-shaped and easy to crumble into smaller pieces, making them a workhorse of nutrition for all of your favorite recipes. Whether it's baking, cooking, making drinks, or finishing your finished ingredient or dish, Murray River Flakes salt gets the job done the healthiest way possible.
  • BETTER FLAVOR: Your food will immediately taste better! Murray River Flakes salt is a natural flavor enhancer. The typical home cook makes boring and bland food because they don't use enough salt! Furthermore, the salt they do grab is usually lacking in nutrition and often full of anti-caking agents.
  • BETTER NUTRITION: Natural and Healthy Flavor Enhancer! Murray River Flakes salt melts into recipes quickly and blends well with dry ingredients. It is also an excellent healthy finishing salt with a fresh taste that is never metallic or bitter like other Murray River Flakes salts are.

Produced in Australia.

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