Rosemary-flavoured salt flakes are perfect on freshly barbecued meat, adding a rosemary aroma to the air and giving meat a pleasantly delicious flavour. Large pyramid-shaped salt crystals are comfortable to crunch between the fingers and sprinkle on different vegetables, especially on potatoes. They also add an interesting flavour nuance to popcorn. Country of origin: India. Ingredients: 99% sea salt, 1% rosemary

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Key Benefits

Rosemary-flavoured salt flakes

Large pyramid-shaped salt crystals

Sprinkle on different vegetables, especially on potatoes.

45g jar / 1.6oz


These rosemary flavoured salt flakes are perfect to season freshly grilled meat, as they add the delicate aroma of rosemary and a superb taste.

Big crystal flakes are nice to crumble between fingers onto different vegetables as well. We especially recommend using it together with potatoes!

If you're looking for something new and exciting onto your snack plate, we also suggest trying this salt together with popcorn!

Country of origin: India
Rosemary crystal flakes are available in 45 gr I 1.59oz glass jar.
Composition: 99% sea salt, 1% rosemary