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Originating from the moist, warm areas of Brazil, Schinus berries grow on bushes and trees up to 12 meters high. The berries taste sweet and fruity, with a slight sharpness, and belong to the so-called spurious peppers.

The pepper berries fit perfectly in sauces, poultry, meat, and game dishes, but also in sweet desserts and delicate vegetables such as asparagus or cheese.

Due to the beautiful visual and decorative properties of the berries, you can find them in many pepper and seasonings.

Please do not fill in your spice grinder only with the pink berries as the sweetness of the fruit peel will quickly clog the grinder.

The leaves of Schinus berry pepper trees are also used for the natural dyeing of textiles in the Andean region. This practice dates back to pre-Columbian times. The Inca used the sweet outer part of ripe fruit to make a drink. Berries were rubbed carefully to avoid mixing with the bitter inner parts, the mix strained and then left for a few days to produce a drink. It was also boiled down for syrup or mixed with maize to make nourishing gruel.

Country of origin: Brazil


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