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Tasmanian pepper (also called Mountain pepper)

Tasmanian pepper is an evergreen shrub 2-3 meters in height. 
The plant grows exclusively in the humid, cool valleys and gorges of the rain forests of Tasmania and New South Wales in southwest of Australia.

The annual harvest levels of these wild growing Australian specialty are very low. The first taste of Tasmanian pepper is fruity and sweet, then it surprises with an intense focus. 

Tasmanian pepper should be used very sparingly as it is a little sharper than regular black pepper. We do not recommend using it in a pepper mill but to rather grind it in a mortar before use. The best way is to use it right before serving.

Some like it hot, and if you do, you’ll love our Tasmanian Pepper, as it truly isn’t for the faint-hearted! Tasmanian pepper is also called mountain´pepper, from the mountain pepper tree of Tasmania. They are a Little sharper than normal black pepper. They Tastes fruity, sweet and then surprises you with an intense spice burst.

This Tasmanian pepper is sensational for barbecue dishes! These deep, dark, soft chilli flakes will enhance every meal both aesthetically and tastefully. You can use it to make marinades and curry dishes as well as for any kind of vegetable dish. Great infusion as sauces, honey, cocktails, and vinaigrette; with a beautiful intense pink/purple hue.  Adds fruity spice, with a sharp heat

Sweet & fruity taste

Extra large berries

Intense spiciness

Country of origin: Australia

Tasmanian pepper is available in 35 g / 1.23 oz glass jars. 

Country of origin: Australia
Tasmanian pepper is available in 70 gr I 2.47 oz
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