Tellicherry Pepper

These peppercorns have a reputation for a bright and fresh flavor. They are considered more aromatic than other peppercorns. The fragrance of Tellicherry pepper has strong, complex citrus notes. It can be used like any other form of black pepper. Tellicherry pepper is believed to be the best available black pepper on the market. Named after a port on the Northern end of India's Malabar coast, Tellicherry pepper is a high-quality grade of uniform, large, "bold" Malabar pepper.

We recommend using it to flavor savory dishes like lemon-pepper chicken or at the table as a way to add a little extra flavor to food. Tellicherry peppercorn is actually determined by size. When a black peppercorn has a 4.25-mm pinhead or larger, it's "Tellicherry." 

Tellicherry pepper ecopack is available in:

- 2.46oz