TIGER Pepper known also as Malabar black pepper

This extraordinary specialty pepper comes from a strictly protected nature reserve in the highlands of the Malabar Coast, located in the state of Kerala in the very southwest of India.

The tiger pepper is hand-plowed and sun-dried. Using this tiger pepper is a great way to instantly add heat and flavour to your favourite cooking dishes. Our Tiger should always freshly ground pepper on top, so you can enjoy its unique, intense, and fruity fullness. We recommend using this amazing Tiger pepper with roast meat and fish, in addition, it works wonders for sauces and stews.

Warning! You may become addicted to this fiery tiger pepper!

✓ Flavour: fruity, spicy hotness with an intense flavour

✓ Quality growing

✓ Sun dried

Country of origin: India

Tiger pepper ecopack is available in

- 2.82 oz

- 7.05 oz

- 2.2lb