A truly unique wild cubeb sourced from Madagascar. Its growing notoriety by Western chefs testifies to the incredibly aromatic profile of this pepper.

Voatsiperifery is an incredibly rare pepper with a strong, pine forest nose, and medium heat distinguished by light, zesty flavors. Voatsiperifery pepper grows in the hot and humid Southeastern Madagascan rainforests and only grows in the wild, making picking it very difficult. It is a beautiful pepper and a great way to lift any dish, whether meat or fish, particularly rich oily fish, or pork.

We also recommend trying the pepper also in sweet dishes, whether sprinkled over a fruit salad or used to cut through the richness of a chocolate cake. This sure is a pepper that encourages chefs to experiment in the kitchen!


Voatsiperifery pepper ecopack is available in:

- 2.11oz

- 7.05oz

- 2.2lb